Our Story

People sometimes ask us, hey, if this is Mexican, where are all the sombreros and chimichangas at? We say sorry friend, this is Tortilla, and we do things a little differently.

Oversized hats? Nope. Moustachioed men in sequined waistcoats playing guitar? Uh-uh. Wholesome toppings made from fresh ingredients like the taquerias in Mexico and California? Now
you’re talking.

Straight out of Mexico come the toppings like pollo asado and salsa roja, mixed with some Californian inspiration such as black beans, lime-cilantro rice and freshly chopped jalapeños. All which help make up our delicious, light and authentic burritos and tacos.

“We started Tortilla in 2007 after a four-year search across London for decent burritos and tacos. We’re from California and grew up going to the taquerias in the Mission District of San Francisco, the self–proclaimed burrito capital of the world.

Burritos were for grab-and-go lunches, dinner with friends, and 2am’ers accompanied by a drink. We just couldn’t find the same type of places in London, so we decided to build it ourselves!”

Brandon & Jen

Tortilla started with the help of some friends and an awesome effort from our crew… all fanatical (in a healthy way) about making the best-quality, freshest, most delicious burritos and tacos this side of the Atlantic. Today we proudly stand in front of our 40+ stores in UK and 8 in the Middle East! whilst we doff our hats to our crew and loyal burrito fans who have helped make use who we are!